Neskow stands as a beacon in the field of plant science, dedicated to fostering sustainable agriculture via groundbreaking research and advanced technologies. Our core purpose is to address the challenges of a rising global population by unlocking the immense potential within every plant.


Our aspiration is to fortify global food security while ensuring environmental sustainability. As the world’s population burgeons, we are committed to instigating a global Standard shift in agricultural productivity, ensuring every farm thrives and every mouth is fed.


Neskow Pakistan Limited was established in Pakistan in 1998, operating as a distinguished unlisted public existence. The company’s primary endeavors revolve around the importation and commercialization of agricultural commodities. Neskow is deeply involved in the distribution and sale of crop protection solutions, complemented by a robust Seeds division.


Neskow is at the forefront of bolstering food security by empowering countless farmers to optimize their resource utilization. Our dedicated team, backed by top-tier scientific research and pioneering crop strategies, is reshaping the agricultural landscape. We are unwavering in our commitment to reclaiming degraded lands, amplifying biodiversity, and rejuvenating rural societies.

Our offerings are meticulously crafted to assist farmers in ensuring sustainable food security for an ever-growing populace. We approach agriculture from the perspective of the cultivators, harnessing world-class scientific insights to devise unparalleled crop protection and seed solutions.

Our groundbreaking innovations equip farmers to tackle a myriad of challenges, from battling pests and diseases to less severe impacts of extreme weather conditions on crops. Whether cultivating maize, rice, or vegetables, farmers globally rely on Neskow for premium, healthy crop yields while conserving invaluable natural resources.

Our Crop Protection Products spectrum encompasses Insecticides to combat pests in food and cash crops, Fungicides to counteract pest-related diseases, and Herbicides for effective weed management, especially in food crops. Our comprehensive suite of safe and potent crop protection tools enhances crop yield and vitality at every growth phase.

Our insecticides and fungicides shield crops from pests and diseases, bolstering plant health. Our herbicides target weeds that can diminish yields by competing for essential nutrients, hydration, and sunlight. Cutting-edge chemical solutions also aid plants in minimizing yield deficits during droughts or elevated temperatures.